About me


Just like a growing number of people, I prefer to conduct as much of my business online as I can. It is fast and convenient. Unfortunately not every business is as responsive online as their website would suggest.

When I am looking to hire someone’s services, or buy a product I google until I find what I am looking for. Then I fill in the contact form. And then…. *crickets*

The vast majority of businesses that I contact online either never get back to me, or do so weeks later. By then it is too late. I have gone elsewhere to get things done.

So far in 2017 I have engaged an accountant, designer, consultant and a real estate agent all online. In every case the first few companies I tried to contact never got back to me. In the case of the real estate agent that was a $20,000 potential sales commission that passed them buy – and they will never know about it.

Live Chatify has come to life as a result of this frustration. If you are in business you need to be responsive to your customers. People want answers now and you will lose their business if they have to wait.

This is our mission at Live Chatify. Instant customer solutions, so you can engage and convert.


Customer Experience Manager

After spending over 10 years in the corporate world managing large groups of up to 80 people, and projects generating over $200k per month, I took a step back from the workforce after the birth of my son.

I joined Live Chatify because it gave me the opportunity to engage with our clients directly, as well as the training and development of our Customer Service Team. I enjoy the diversity of the role and the direct influence I have over all aspects of the experience of both clients and their customers.

Being part of a remote team it also gives me the chance to be there for my son more than my old 60 hour a week corporate job would allow.